• Joint statement to Keele staff by Keele’s University Executive Committee (UEC) and Keele UCU
    Members of Keele’s Executive Committee and Officers of the Keele branch of UCU are very keen that the national dispute concerning the USS pension scheme is resolved. We have issued this joint statement calling for action to resolve the dispute.
  • Open letter to Vice-Chancellor in relation to USS
    **Update – See VC’s Reply! Dear Vice-Chancellor, We are writing to express our great disappointment and ongoing concern regarding the University’s disinformation effort on the matter of USS. For the second time this month, you stated in an email to all University staff that UUK proposals were adopted in the absence of alternative proposals from UCU. This is categorically and demonstrably false.
  • VC: Thanks for all your hard work – We’re taking your pension away!
    Employers – including our own – have simply decided that, in order to avoid having to pay higher contributions or commit to providing stronger levels of covenant support to the scheme, they would rather betray us and make us poorer in retirement. And not a little bit poorer: the average USS member stands to lose 35% of their take-home retirement income (over £100,000 assuming 15 years in retirement). Read more including about our EGM.
  • Keele UCU Update on USS Pension
    Members may have seen recent updates about the evaluation of the USS pension scheme. Central UCU have promised further updates shortly, but we thought an update would be helpful. Along with other branches and central UCU, Keele UCU believe that neither the USS 2020 valuation nor the governance of USS are fit for purpose. Echoing other branches who have raised these points, we also believe that the behaviour of the Pensions Regulator contradicts its remit…
  • Keele UCU Strike deductions update 31st March 2020
    Dear friends and colleagues, We hope this message finds you and your loved ones in good health. We are writing to provide a brief update on strike deductions. Last week, Senior Management contacted UCU to ask whether we would agree to strike deductions being paid into the Keele student hardship fund to support students currently…