Executive Officers:

President: Mario Prost m.prost@keele.ac.uk

Deputy President: Vacant

Branch Secretary: Becky Richards r.richards@keele.ac.uk

Membership Secretary: Shalini Sharma s.sharma@keele.ac.uk

Treasurer: Kay Tong   k.tong@keele.ac.uk

Equalities Officer: Vacant

Committee (excl. executive officers):

Phil Catney p.j.j.catney@keele.ac.uk

Rajmil Fischman r.a.fischman@keele.ac.uk

Peter Fletcher p.fletcher@keele.ac.uk

Eva Giraud e.giraud@keele.ac.uk

Jane Krishnadas j.h.krishnadas@keele.ac.uk

Lorna Lloyd l.lloyd@keele.ac.uk

Dave Lyddon d.lyddon@keele.ac.uk

Philip Morgan p.j.morgan@keele.ac.uk

Forough Ramezankhah f.ramezankhah@keele.ac.uk

Shiva Sikdar s.sikdar@keele.ac.uk

Timothy Smale t.smale@keele.ac.uk

Ella Tennant e.tennant@keele.ac.uk

Jacobus Van Loon j.t.van.loon@keele.ac.uk

Dan Wyatt d.s.wyatt@keele.ac.uk

Congress Delegate:


North Staffs Trades Union Council (NSTUC) Delegate:

Dave Lyddon d.lyddon@keele.ac.uk

Branch Administrator:

Dianne Foulkes dfoulkes@ucu.org.uk


Richard Wallace

Whom to contact

Personal Cases Co-ordinators: Kay Tong and Timothy Smale support@keeleucu.co.uk

Membership: Shalini Sharma s.sharma@keele.ac.uk

Health and Safety issues: Becky Richards r.richards@keele.ac.uk and Phil Catney p.j.j.catney@keele.ac.uk

Environment: Ben Anderson b.anderson@keele.ac.uk

Equality matters: support@keeleucu.co.uk

Financial issues: Kay Tong k.tong@keele.ac.uk

Section Representative co-ordinator:  Jacco Van Loon j.t.van.loon@keele.ac.uk

Policy Coordinator: Jacco Van Loon j.t.van.loon@keele.ac.uk

Want to be involved?

There are lots of ways to be involved in the life and activities of the branch, depending on your interests and availability. Take a look at our Roles and Activities page for more information.

Whom to contact

For matters to do with voluntary severance: Dr Lorna Lloyd l.lloyd@intr.keele.ac.uk or Dr Peter Fletcher p.fletcher@maths.keele.ac.uk
For personal cases: Mrs Caroline Merritt c.merritt@pol.keele.ac.uk


Secretary: Mrs Caroline Merritt (SPIRE) – 33452 – c.merritt@pol.keele.ac.uk

Treasurer: Ms Kay Tong (SHAR) 34190 k.tong@shar.keele.ac.uk

Executive Officers:

Prof. Joe Andrew (Russian, Humanities) 33291 j.m.andrew@lang.keele.ac.uk

Ms Sandra Gillham (IT Services) 33519 s.gillham@isc.keele.ac.uk
Dr Lorna Lloyd (SPIRE) 33215 l.lloyd@intr.keele.ac.uk
Mrs Caroline Merritt (SPIRE) 33452 c.merritt@pol.keele.ac.uk
Dr Jenny Smith (HumSS Faculty) 33940 j.h.smith@law.keele.ac.uk

Ms Kay Tong (Health & Rehabilitation) 34190 k.tong@shar.keele.ac.uk

Committee (plus Executive Officers):

Ms Robin Bell (English Language Unit) 33049 r.bell@ciel.keele.ac.uk

Mr Mike Beach (Nursing & Midwifery) 01782 556697 m.t.beach@nur.keele.ac.uk
Mr Phillip Burton-Cartledge (SPIRE/RI:LPJ) 33883 p.burton-cartledge@ilpj.keele.ac.uk

Professor Malcolm Crook (History) 33199 m.h.crook@his.keele.ac.uk

Dr Nicola Davis (Physical & Geographical Sciences) 33532 n.j.davis@phys.keele.ac.uk
Dr Mark Featherstone (Sociology) 34179 m.a.featherstone@appsoc.keele.ac.uk

Dr Peter Fletcher (Computing & Maths) 33260 p.fletcher@maths.keele.ac.uk

Dr Steve French (HRM and Industrial Relations) 33609 s.r.french@hrm.keele.ac.uk

Dr Tony Kearon (Criminology, CESSW) 34382 a.t.kearon@crim.keele.ac.uk
Dr Axel Schaefer (American Studies, Humanities) 33009 a.schaefer@ams.keele.ac.uk

Dr Paul Yates (Human Resources) 33044 p.c.yates@per.keele.ac.uk

Congress Delegates:

Dr Jenny Smith (HumSS Faculty) 33940 j.h.smith@law.keele.ac.uk.

North Staffs Trades Union Council Delegates (NSTUC)

Mr Phillip Burton-Cartledge (SPIRE/RI:LPJ) 33883 p.burton-cartledge@ilpj.keele.ac.uk

Mr Steve Funnell s.c.funnell@hrm.keele.ac.uk

Dr Jenny Smith (HumSS Faculty) 33940 j.h.smith@law.keele.ac.uk

Administrator Ms Sarah Skinner (Health & Rehabilitation) – 34551 – s.a.skinner@shar.keele.ac.uk

Auditor : Richard Wallace