Motions Passed at AGM 10/06/20

Motion 1: Protect vulnerable members

In light of the potential mitigation measures mentioned in the Vice-chancellor’s recent communication, KUCU must endeavor to protect its most vulnerable members.  

If either pay cuts, promotion freezes or national pay award freezes are officially proposed, Keele UCU must oppose them.

Keele UCU Committee must hold an EGM prior to any agreement with Senior Management on mitigation measures related to pay, promotion or redundancies.

Motion 2:  Pandemic Health and Safety

This branch notes:

  1. UCEA-HE trade unions joint principles for working safely on campus
  2. UCU Tests for safe return
  3. Employer requirements under existing health and safety legislation, including for complex risk assessments and the need to mitigate risk to the health and safety of employees
  4. All members of Keele staff have a right to safety at work on equal terms, and the role of a trade union is to ensure this
  5. The most vulnerable members of staff must not be excluded in order to cater to the comfort of the more secure

This branch welcomes:

  1. Recognition of role of trade unions in ensuring a safe workplace
  2. UCEA, UUK and Keele SMT acknowledgement that the HE workplace is complex and factors must be considered (e.g. transportation) that go beyond basic government guidance for the public
  3. Acknowledgement by UCEA and UUK that government guidance should be the minimum for informing safe working decisions
  4. UCU’s legal advice

This branch resolves that:

  1. Government guidance must be the minimum for informing Keele decision making
  2. SMT, Health and Safety Committees, and the Re-opening campus working group seek independent scientific and medical advice from within the Keele community as an integral part of decision making
  3. Safety of those most vulnerable to coronavirus and those who live with vulnerable individuals must be the baseline for decisions, not a secondary consideration.

Motion 3: Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Keele UCU expresses their solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement and with the fight for equality and justice for black people.

Motion 4: Support for Removal of Colston Statue

Keele UCU endorses the removal of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, and calls for the removal of any glorifications of any other individuals who have been involved in the trade or exploitation of slaves.

Motion 5:  Support for Human Rights Statement by the students of Minnesota and Clearer

  • Keele UCU expresses its support for the recent declaration by (Keele alumni) students from the University of Minnesota about the importance of human rights in the wake of the death of George Floyd, and to continually address, respond and work to ensure human rights are upheld in our communities by:
  • Denouncing State sanctioned and systemic violations of human rights, ensuring the campus promotes anti-racism visibly on campus and in the University statement.
  • Ensuring and centering voices within the black community and actively elevating their work through our institution.
  • Actively doing anti-racist work by adding racial justice programmes within our curriculum.