Finance Update

Keele UCU has been holding regular meetings with senior management throughout the crisis to discuss the financial impact of Covid-19 on the University. Members will have seen the University’s ‘Part 3’ document which stated that modelling of various scenarios has been undertaken and which set out various mitigation measures to address potential financial shortfalls. We have pressed senior management to search for non-pay cost savings as a priority and have asked for greater transparency around the University’s finances as a starting point for any discussion on further savings. We have also asked that any mitigation measure be strictly necessary, proportionate, temporary and progressive. Precarious staff and low earners must be protected. Those with broader shoulders – starting with senior management – must bear the greatest burden.

A ‘Part 4’ document will be released on Monday which gives further details on how the University has modelled the potential impact on its finances and how it proposes to make any potential savings. We are pleased that the senior management team at Keele has not followed the example set by other universities and sought to take preemptive action at this stage. The Committee strongly encourages you to read the document carefully and contact us to let us know your views on this. We are keen to hear from a cross-section of members about the measures mooted and we are mindful of the motion passed at our Annual General Meeting that any proposals that impact on the pay or progression of members should be brought to an EGM as soon as possible. 

Members will have seen reports earlier this week about thirteen universities at a high risk of collapse without a bailout. We have received assurances from senior management that Keele is not in this group. We have also requested continued access to information about financial accounts and budgets, and expect to receive this soon

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In solidarity
Keele UCU Committee