This page will feature local events of interest to UCU members.  For national UCU events, visit their website.

UCU Strike Activities and Events (USS Dispute 2017-18)

Picketing begins 8am on Thursday, 22 February. Members: bring your pets, kids, instruments, hot drinks – we’re having a picket party! Students and (non-UCU) colleagues, come join us on the picket line to show solidarity. Also come along to one of our strike day events detailed below:

22 February – Geopoetics Workshop – 10am, picket line, Keele University, main gate.

28 February – Decolonising the Curriculum – 3-5.30pm, KeeleSU (ground floor, opposite Munch): all welcome.

5 March – The Great Picket Bake-off – 8-11am, picket line (both gates), bring cake, eat cake!

6 March – StrikeFest (Solidarity Festival) – 11-1pm, Union Square

8 March – Environmental History Walk-and-talk with Ben Anderson – 12-1pm (departing from Union Square)

8 March – Alternative International Women’s Day – 2-5pm, KeeleSU (ground floor, opposite Munch): all welcome.

12 March – Protest & Activism Teach-out – 1-3pm (further details TBC)

13 March – Commercialisation of Education – 1-3pm, KeeleSU (ground floor, opposite Munch): all welcome.

14 March – March on Parliament – 12pm, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7, (anyone unable to travel can show support on the picket lines!)

15 March – What is the University and who is it for? – details TBC.

16 March – Radical Reels: Film with Q&A – details TBC.


UCU Strike Action (USS Dispute 2017-18)

Strike days were announced on 29 January, as follows:

Week one – Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February (two days): picket 8-11am, front and back gate, both days.

Week two – Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 February (three days): picket 8-11am on Monday.

Week three – Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 March (four days): picket 8-11am on Tuesday.

Week four – Monday 12, Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 March (five days): picket 8-11am, Wednesday and Friday.

Anyone can join us on the picket line to show their solidarity and support.

May 23rd 2017


Time: 13:00-14:00

Location: CBA1.023

New Branch Rules for consideration:

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Old Branch Rules for Comparison

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