Upcoming meetings re: VS & financial plans, social event

Dear friends and colleagues;

In the past few weeks we’ve been busy with weekly meetings with Senior Management, analysing financial information, challenging many of the numbers and information being relayed by management, and supporting members who are being called into meetings about VS. The University has provided us with some limited financial information, and as we go through it we’re finding some big questions that must be answered. As this is restricted information we cannot share it widely, but in the coming days we will distribute a list of questions that we are demanding answers to.

There are a few upcoming meetings, and a social event! – please note the days and times down.

1. 2nd Joint Unions Meeting – Wed 27 March, 1-2pm, Huxley 0.15

There will be updates on the actions of different groups across campus in response to the VS scheme and university financial situation. We will also be able to provide some further financial information and analysis in order to fill in some of the gaps in the what is in the University’s FAQs.

2. Keele UCU EGM – Tues 2 April 12-1pm, Room TBC

The agenda for this will be the VS scheme and the university financial situation. Motions will be presented (exact text TBC). It’s important that we have good discussion on where we as a union should go, what our red lines are, and what the next steps should be. Please attend.

3. UCU Social – Fri 29 March, from 5:30 pm, Staff Common Room Bar (Keele Hall)

Everyone at Keele is stressed these days. Come unwind with friends, and celebrate the community of Keele, the community we are fighting to save. 

Drinks will be available to purchase (cash only) and some nibbles, but people are also encouraged to bring cheese, baked goods, whatever they fancy. The strike last year showed that some of our members (and their children) are amazing cooks! There is no need to RSVP but if you have any questions or wish to become a member of the Staff Common Room, please email Rachel Bright, r.k.bright@keele.ac.uk.

For members in HUMSS – all HUMSS members should be receiving an invitation for a meeting with your line manager or the dean regarding VS. Senior management is concerned that they’re not going to hit their targets, so these meetings are being held in order to pressure people into considering VS. You will be presented with school-specific information that will paint a bleak picture. Please know that this information is being challenged, and the numbers presented are being questioned. As a K-UCU member, you are entitled to union representation in and any all meetings about VS. Please contact us at support@keeleucu.co.uk BEFORE agreeing to a meeting time. This is to ensure that we have someone available to support you at that time. Do not be pressured into a meeting without a union rep present. If you are contacted for a meeting with any of the HUMSS deans, not your Head of School, please let us know ASAP.

At this point,  we are only aware of these meetings taking place in HUMSS. Please help us monitor this and let us know if they are starting in other areas of the university.

In solidarity,


K-UCU Branch Secretary