Advice to Members on VS

Please note that all union members are entitled to union representation in any and all meetings pertaining to VS and/or change of contract.

Please, if you are a UCU member, before you set a time for a meeting with the Faculty Executive Group or any other level of management, as outlined in recent emails, contact UCU at to arrange for support to accompany you to these meetings. We are fully aware of these requests being sent out, and plans are in place to support members.

If you are not a member of UCU but are eligible, you can join at . As soon as you hit submit, you are a member and we can represent you (although it gets a bit more complex if you need legal representation, but we can provide advice on that if needed).

If you choose to not have union representation with you in these meetings, please remember the following:

1) Voluntary severance is voluntary for both parties – member of staff AND management.

2) You cannot be forced/pressured into a voluntary severance or change of contract arrangement.

3) Any change in/termination of contract must be voluntary

4) At any point in a meeting on VS or change of contract, you can end the meeting by stating that you would like union representation present for any further discussion.

Keele UCU – here for you, our members!